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Persian Shield Plant. Botanical Name: Strobilanthes dyerianus Persian Shield is a stunning house plant that’s a cinch to grow with minimal attention. Its colorful, shimmery leaves are every bit as attention-getting as most flowering plants, plus its easy to please.

Oct 22, 2018  · Morphological charters: leaves, flower and shape of the plant Persian Shield for sale – All what need to know before buy the plant All those answer and much more can be found in this video. s

Persian Shield Plant – Strobilanthes – Iridescent Purple – Persian Shield is hardy in zones outdoors, but can be enjoyed as a houseplant Persian Shield plant is easy to grow as a house plant. Find out how to propagate Strobilanthes dyerianus from stem cuttings. Get light, water, humidity care tips.

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Other geranium favorites include: ‘Occold Shield,’ a. Bird Dancer.’ ‘Persian Queen’ flaunts her bright-magenta flowers above the striking chartreuse leaves. "What about ‘Mr. Henry Cox?’" asked a.

Persian shield is a stunning foliage plant that once you grow it, you’ll want it in your garden every year. Native to Burma (Myanmar), it was a popular plant during the Victorian era and is regaining popularity after the University of Georgia reintroduced it a few years ago. This plant loves heat and humidity and doesn’t start growing well until days start to get warmer.

Dec 03, 2017  · Persian shield plant – Grow & care also as Houseplant Persian shield plant for sale

Plant growth regulators are not recommended for Strobilanthes Persian Shield, but pinching and trimming will be necessary as these are fast-growing, upright plants. Encourage basal branching through proper pinching. Pests. Watch out for spider mites and the occasional aphid or mealybug on Persian Shield…

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A: Depends on the plants and their cold-tolerance and growth habits. Different species overwinter best in one of three different ways. A few are best propagated from seed or cuttings. Here’s a rundown.

Looking for an exotic plant to spruce up your humdrum bedding areas in the garden or a specimen plant to place among the more mundane? Try Persian shield! It’s a good dual purpo

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Nov 23, 2015  · Looking to add some drama in your garden or landscape? Adding some plants with “black” or purple foliage can really up the interest with greater contrast than the usual green. There are all kinds of dark-leaved plants for every situation, from annuals to woody plants. To find out about a sampling of these plant, read this article.

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A really bizarre plant which is totally different from all other strobilanthes, resembling nothing more than a green igloo of leaves, decorated in summer and autumn with pendulous tassels of white flowers (which are very frugal seed producers) and remind us of "The Shrimp Plant".

Strobilanthes dyerianus (Cone-head). This is a shrub bearing elliptic, toothed, dark green flushed purple leaves. The funnel-shaped, pale blue flowers appear in spikes in early autumn to late autumn.

If you’re looking for new container ideas, you might want to add these plants to your repertoire, but be careful — they require very little water and should not be paired with plants that require a.

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Strobilanthes Gossypinus – Persian Shield Strobilanthes Gossypinus – Persian Shield. Strobilanthes are an interesting evergreen small to medium shrub with opposed leaves. The species Strobilanthes Gossypinus is a great foliage plant sometimes referred to as Persian Shield, although it is actually from the hilly areas of Southern India.

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Persian shield is a stunning foliage plant that once you grow it, you’ll want it in your garden every year. Native to Burma (Myanmar), it was a popular plant during the Victorian era and is regaining popularity after the University of Georgia reintroduced it a few years ago. This plant loves heat and humidity and doesn’t start growing well until days start to get warmer.

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Strobilanthes dyeriana is an evergreen, soft-stemmed shrub with lance-shaped, veined leaves that are green to purple tinted with a silvery metallic sheen and have toothed margins. Short spikes of tubular, pale blue flowers are borne in autumn. They ar

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Jul 31, 2002  · Persian Shield planted with Black Adder Agastache Great Focal Plant for containers and areas where folks will get a close view, always the talk of combination, Persian Shield – 06/17/13