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As a bonus, the company Covanta is partnering with the Freeholder Board to offer $5.00 Home Depot gift cards for residents turning in old mercury thermostats (thermometers are not included in this.

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Nonetheless, PicoBrew’s newest appliance, the Pico Model C, helped me do just that, turning the home. them into a compost bin. The day after brewing, your keg has cooled to room temperature, so.

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The balance of the course, where the sand is too heavy to reach through, will be fertilized with a heavy coating of compost, which will be disked. there was a big crowd at the depot to greet the.

Kitchen scrap pails ($5), compost aerators ($10) and compost thermometers ($10) will also be available for purchase. This year, pre-orders for a bin and/or barrel are available. The deadline to.

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Black Creek United Methodist Church, 158 Golf Course Road, Sugarloaf, will host a choir festival on Sunday at 6 p.m. to benefit the Hazleton Enlarged Ministry Summer Playground program as well as.

Other common HHWs usually found inside the home (as opposed to in a shed or garage) are nail polish removers, flea collars and flea dips, oven cleaner, insect repellent, and mercury thermometers.

Gift cards in any amounts to: Best Buy, grocery stores, Home Depot, Office Depot or OfficeMax. one large lawn mower, clean mulch, soil, compost, 300-gallon or larger portable water tanks, and.

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The Compost Wizard Hybrid. Good Ideas Inc. combined a rain barrel. The 18-volt model is $119 and the 24-volt model $159 at Home Depot. You can see the 18-volt model in action at the hardware show.

April kicks off the busy home. in Home Depot’s garden center. The retailer has also seen double-digit growth in succulents, which are an excellent water-smart choice for homeowners living in.

Your excess seeds can go in the compost pile if it’s well-managed and “cooks” to a temperature of at least 140 degrees — check with a soil thermometer. These are the minimum temperatures that will.

The weather service says Urbandale won’t break out of the cold spell until early April, when it expects the thermometer. try Home Depot. 5) Start a garden. Now is the time to get your garden beds.

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When the rush of falling leaves begins in a few weeks, try inviting millions of micro-organisms, soil insects, bacteria and healthy fungi to a “salsa dance” in a compost pile. If you are new to.

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Oil-based paints and stains; paint thinners and solvents; aerosol spray paint cans; batteries: rechargeable, household (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V), and car; mercury-containing products: thermometers. local.

In addition, Covanta will offer $5 Home Depot gift cards for residents turning in old mercury thermostats. The bonus applies to thermostats only, not thermometers. For more information, please call.

6 Don’t heat or cool rooms you don’t regularly use; adjust the thermometer when away from the house for. sustainable—meaning not coming from old-growth forests. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s carry.

To recycle old rechargeable from tools or what have you, most hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes have collection spots. C: – If you a gardener you know how much plants love fresh compost.

composting, recycling and conservation. The city is also hosting a medication disposal and thermometer exchange at the park that day. Residents can bring old and unwanted medications and old mercury.